1. add 加;增加 

add … to

2. advise建议 

advise sb. (not) to do sth.; advise doing sth.

3. afford负担得起 

(can / can’t) afford to do sth.

4. arrive 到达 

arrive in / at some place = get to / reach some place

5. connect 连接 

connect … with / and

6. decide决定 (名词形式decision)

decide to do sth.; make a / the decision (to do sth.)

7. die 死亡 (过去式,过去分词died, 现在分词dying)

die of / from / down / out (dead表示死亡的状态)

8. dress 穿衣服  

dress sb.; be dressed up as; get dressed

9. expect 期待   

expect (sb.) to do sth.

10. hear 听见

hear about; hear of; hear sb. / sth. do / doing sth.

11. hope希望  

hope to do sth.; hope +that从句

12. invite邀请

invite sb. to do sth.; invite sb. to some place

13. join参加;加入  

join the club / party (take part in参加)

14. keep 保留;保持;使继续处于某种状态

keep + adj.; keep sb. / sth. + adj.; keep doing sth.; keep sb. doing sth.

15. lead引导;带领  

lead sb. to some place; lead to sth.

16. learn 学习

learn to do sth.; learn from sb.; learn by oneself

17. lie平躺

(过去式lay, 过去分词lain, 现在分词lying) 

lie down

18. lose丢失(反义词find) 

lose sth.; get lost; find out; find it +adj.+to do sth. / that从句

19. marry结婚 

marry sb.; get / be married

20. mix(使)混合,融合  

mix … with …; mix together

21. offer 提供

offer sb. sth.; offer sth. to sb.; offer to do sth.

22. prefer更喜欢

prefer sth. to sth.; prefer to do / doing sth.

23. prepare准备 

prepare sth. / for sth.

24. protect保护  

protect sb. from (doing) sth.

25. provide 提供

provide sb. with sth.; provide sth. for / to sb.

26. remain逗留;保持  

remain (to be) + adj.

27. reply回答;答复  

reply to sth.

28. save救;节省;避免

save sb. / sth. from sth. / from doing sth.

29. seem 看来;似乎  

seem to do / be; It seems that …

30. sell (反义词buy)

sell sb. sth.; sell sth. (to sb.); buy sb. sth.; buy sth. (for sb.)

31. share 共用;分享  

share sth. with sb.

32. show 展示

show sb. around some place; show sb. sth.; show sth. to sb.; show up; show off

33. sound 听起来好像

sound + adj.; sound like + a(n) …

34. succeed成功  

succeed in doing sth.

35. suggest 建议  

suggest doing sth.; suggest that …

36. suppose 猜想;相信;认为

be supposed to; suppose + that从句

37. taste有……的味道;品尝 

taste + adj.

38. teach

teach sb. to do sth.; teach sb. sth.; teach sth. to sb.

39. try设法;尝试;努力

try to do sth.; try doing sth.; try one’s best to do sth.

40. warn警告  

warn sb. (not) to do sth.

41. win(近义词beat) 

win the match; win a prize; beat sb. / a team

42. wish但愿;希望

wish sb. sth.; wish to do sth.; wish+that从句




be sure about 确信;对……有把握

care about 关心;在意     

come about 发生

hear about 听说;得知    

talk about 谈论

think about 思考;思索       

be serious about 对……认真

learn about 了解               

worry about 担心

write about 编写;写作             


look after 照料;照顾     

take after (外貌或行为)


laugh at 嘲笑                  

look at 

look back at 回首(往事);回忆;回顾

point at 指着                     

shout at … 冲……大声叫嚷


get away 离开;脱身       

give away 赠送;捐赠

go away 离开                         

put away 收起;收拾好

run away 逃走;逃跑       

sweep away 扫去

take away 带走;拿走      

throw away 扔掉;抛弃


bring back 恢复;使想起;归还

call (sb.) back (给某人)回电话

go back 回去                   

talk back 回嘴;顶嘴


drop by 顺便访问;随便进入

go by (时间)逝去;过去          

pass by 路过;经过


break down 出故障;坏掉        

calm down 冷静下来

close down (永久)关闭;关停

count down 倒数;倒计时       

cut down 砍倒

die down 逐渐变弱;逐渐消失

fall down 突然倒下;跌倒;倒塌

let … down 使失望                 

lie down 躺下

look down 俯视                     

pull down 摧毁

put … down 拆下;摧毁        

sit down 坐下

take down 拆除;往下拽;记录

turn down把……调低;关小;拒绝

write down 写下;记录下


ask for 要求                                  

care for 照顾;非常喜欢 

die for 为……而死                         

look for 寻找;寻求

pay for 付费;付出代价                

prepare for 为……做好准备

stand for 是……的缩写;代表     

wait for 等待;等候


come from 来自   

hear from 接到(某人的)信、电话等

keep … away from 避免接近;远离 

separate from 分离;隔开


believe in 信任;信赖             

hand in 提交;上交

join in 参加                             

take in 吸入;吞入(体内

take part in 参加                     

take pride in 为……感到自豪


divide … into 把……分开           

get into 陷入;参与

translate … into 把……翻译成   

turn … into 变成 

walk into 走路时撞着


be proud of 对……感到自豪         

die of 死于…… 

feel ashamed of 对……感到羞愧

get out of 离开;从……出来         

run out of 用尽;耗尽

take care of 照顾;处理                 

think of 认为;想起


burn off 烧掉;消耗掉            

call off 取消;决定终止

clean … off 把……擦掉          

cut off 切除

fall off … 从……跌落              

get off 下车

go off 离开;(闹钟)发出响声

put off 推迟                            

set off 动身;出发

show off 炫耀                         

shut off 关闭;停止运转

take off 脱下(衣服)(飞机等)起飞

turn off 关掉


come on 快点儿

depend on 取决于;决定于;依靠;信赖

hang on 稍等                             

put on 增加(体重);发胖;穿;戴

turn on 接通(电流、煤气、水等);打开


blow out 吹灭                        

break out 爆发;发生

bring out 使显现;使表现出

check out 察看;观察        

clear out 清理;丢掉

come out 出版;问世          

cut out 删除;删去     

eat out 出去吃饭                  

fill out 填写;填充      

find out 查明;弄清             

give out 分发;散发

go out 外出(娱乐)                

hand out 分发

hang out 闲逛;常去某处

help out (帮助……)分担工作;解决难题

lay out 摆开;布置                

leave out 忽略;不提及;不包括

look out 当心;注意              

point out 指出;指明

put out 扑灭                          

read out 朗读;宣读

sell out 卖光                          

set out 出发;启程

take out 拿出;取出               

try out 参加……选拔;试用

work out 成功地发展;解决


fall over 绊倒                         

go over 复习;练习


go through 穿过                   

look through快速查看;浏览

put through 接通(电话)


belong to 属于                            

be / get used to 习惯于

look forward to 盼望;期待         

look up to 钦佩;仰慕

pay attention to 注意;关注       

stick to 坚持;固守


call up 打电话给(某人);征召

cheer up (使变得更高兴;振奋起来

clean up 打扫(或清除)干净

cut up 切碎                           

dress up 装扮;乔装打扮

end up 最终成为;最后处于

fix up 修理;装饰                  

get up 起床;站起

give up 放弃                          

grow up 长大;成熟;成长

hurry up 赶快;急忙(做某事)

look up  (在词典、参考书中或通过电脑)查阅;抬头看

make up 编造(故事、谎言等)

mix up 弄错;弄乱                

pick up 接电话;捡起;学会

put up 搭起;举起;张贴;公布

set up 建起;设立                        

show up 赶到;露面

take up (尤指为消遣)学着做;开始做

turn up 开大;调高(音量、热量等)

wake up 醒;醒来


agree with sb. 同意某人  

catch up with sb. 赶上某人 

compare … with … 比较;对比

deal with 应对;处理

get on with 和睦相处;关系良好

part with 放弃、交出(尤指不舍得的东西)


(    )1. —When will Mr. Green ______ Beijing?

In a week.

A. reach                             B. get     

C. arrive                             D. come

(    )2. Some people think it’s the parents’ job to ______ their children ______ a clean and comfortable environment at home.

A. offer; to                    B. offer; with      

C. provide; with             D. provide; to

(    )3. Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll ______ your classmates if you are kind and friendly to them.

A. catch up with           B. be pleased with 

C. get on well with        D. agree with 

(    )4. If the customer rings up for me again, please ______ the call to the sales department.

A. run through             B. look through 

C. go through              D. put through

(    )5. —Are you going to have a part-time job during the summer vacation?

Yes. I think I shouldn’t always ______ my parents since I’ve grown up.

A. fight against             B. argue with 

C. hear from                D. depend on 

(    )6. —Would you please help me ______ the invitations to all my friends?

Sure. You’d better let me know their phone numbers.

A. make up       B. clean out        C. give out

(    )7. —Why do you ______ Bill?

Because he is a hero.

A. look up to                B. look up   

C. look through           D. look like

(    )8. More and more people have realized that we shouldn’t ______ the ancient buildings in cities.

A. get off                    B. put off    

C. cut down               D. pull down

(    )9. —Let’s go out for dinner.

Great! But Clean-Up Day is two weeks from now. We can’t ______ making a plan.

A. take off                B. see off     

C. put off                 D. cut off

(    )10. Our teacher ______ a bookshelf at the back of our classroom to make a small reading corner.

A. picked up               B. put up 

C. took up                   D. got up

(    )11. —Which would you like to read, paper books or e-books?

My parents only allow me to read paper books. They ______ my eyes.

A. talk about             B. hear about    

C. learn about            D. worry about 

(    )12. —This summer a lot of athletes will go to Brazil to ______ the 2016 Rio Olympics.

I love sports and I can’t wait to enjoy the exciting moments.

A. take part in      B. take pride in     C. take in 



1-5 ACCDD  6-10 CADCB 11-12 DA

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